Band Members

Armand DeBlasio

The lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist of the band can sing in a wide variety of styles whether its 60's, 70's, 80's, or today's music, and its no surprise because he has grown up singing and playing in bands since the 60's his vocal mastery and command of his instrument are an integral part of the unique sound that is The Shed Band.

Rocky  Molinari

The Bassist of the band, holds down the bottom with a solid sound and foundation that the other members of the band can build on musically with confidence and creativity. His melodic and precise bass lines fill the gap seamlessly, years of experience with many of the top bands can be felt in his playing. When you hear him you will feel it to.

Randy Pachella

Second lead vocalist and electric guitarist of the band rounds out the trio, his guitar solo's and fills are like the icing on the cake so to speak many years of experience playing with local bands has given him the wisdom to blend with his fellow musicians for a total band sound concept that lifts the Shed Band a step above